Brotherhoods in Age of Armor

Age of Armor has been beyond the game itself, when the Open Beta started, those Close Beta testers entered firstly, and after they got their rewards, they did not leave the city immediately, but they stayed and helped those new comers in the game, they help them everywhere, how to get the reward, where to exchange the crystal for experience, where to get their missions, where to assemble the armor, where to get to the battlefield.

In the battlefield, how to attack the monsters, how to evaluate the loots, how to repair the armor, where to find the boss, and where to return to the city, those things are all done by the CB testers, thanks for those Close Beta testers’ help, many new friends have been familiar with the game much faster, and stayed for more fun. Besides, when the experienced players encountered the new players, they would like to help them out when the new comers were in trouble, “where is the black box?” “dónde está la caja negra?” “wo ist der schwarze Kasten?” “où est la boîte noire ?” “Dove è la scatola nera?” “Follow me.” We have seen many kinds of languages in the game too, even if they can not understand each others, they still helped each others.

The Age of Armor US server has become the Age of Armor Global Server! here, you are not fighting alone, and you have real brotherhoods as one can only experience in real Army Life.
Join us in the Age of Armor, Join the Brother band now!

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