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Hello all ONRPG fellows! I think you’ve already heard about this new cartoon MMORPG: Legend of Golden Plume (LGP) some time ago right? OK! Today we are going to introduce more about the lovely pets of the game!

One of the greatest LGP features is its extraordinary Pet System. It enables you to catch almost all the adorable and lively monsters you see in the game and turn them into your lovable pets. Each pet, with its unique attributes and skills, can assist you in fights or just accompany you through the adventures. Plus, you could rename them to your liking anytime or feed them when necessary. In a word, your pets here are totally customizable. All you need is just a little imagination and creativity.

To give you a clearer picture, we brought a few pets to ONRPG readers:

  1. Rolling Chick

The bright innocent eyes are the trademark of Grey Mice. They live a carefree life. You’ll see them rambling here and there in Apricot Forest with their eyes widely open most of the time.

  1. Blue Rabbit

The sun at Gobi is so shining that the rabbits there have to wear sunglasses. Wearing the red cloak, the Blue Rabbits seem to be on the way to a masquerade.

  1. Onion Head

Onion Heads are funny creatures but don’t be deluded by the lovely onions above. The big mouth beneath is quite terrifying.

  1. Unicorn

The Unicorn is a spiritual creature with glowing eyes and a fluorescing blue corn. They are agile and dissocial. We know very little about them.

The above are the only a few of the pets we have in Legend of Golden Plume. Think about it when you turn yourself into these pets jumping on the street; or a group of lovely “pets” sitting and chatting about comics and animation in game! For other details and information, please keep an eye on and Legend of Golden Plume official website. We will start the journey to this wonderland soon, are you ready? Be prepared and get yourself an alpha test account here NOW!


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