Card Hunter: First year celebration starts September 13th

Card Hunter

Card Hunter turns one this weekend. To celebrate,¬†Blue Manchu Games is throwing a party with special leagues for multiplayer fans and a sprinkle of loot fairy magic for campaign players. Come and join the fun this weekend, the 13th of September. You’ll get a free epic chest each day just for logging in!

Quick Draw Leagues

Draft a deck and then use those cards to defeat your opponents. No item collection required, just an eye for great cards. We’ll be running quick draw leagues all weekend with a chance to win brand new figures as well as epic loot. Best of all, they won’t cost anything to enter.

Massive Rebalancing

In the past couple of months,¬†Blue Manchu been undertaking a massive rebalancing of the game. We’ve buffed weak cards, stopped exploits and made the game 63.4% more fun.

The Loot Fairy

The loot fairy sprinkles their magic fairy dust over one adventure every day, resulting in rare, epic and even legendary items popping up in that adventure chest. You can track the loot fairy on our forums or on Flax’s Loot Fairy tracking site. You won’t need to check those sources this birthday weekend though, as rumors have it that the loot fairy will be just about everywhere…

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