Celestia – Broken Sky: Cosmic RPG Now Available

Celestia - Broken Sky: Cosmic RPG Now Available

ZQGame Global, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen ZQGame Network Co., Ltd (SZSE: 300052) today announced its cosmic RPG, Celestia – Broken Sky is now available to download and play on Android devices from the Google Play Store. The game is slated become available from Apple’s App Store in May 2015.

“The Celestian Combat System is the game’s defining feature and a profound way to get those neurons firing,” said John Hwang, VP of Product, ZQGame. “Our team worked tirelessly to concoct the perfect blend of a traditional fantasy RPG with a combat style requiring sharp, tactical decision making.  Packaged together with the game’s outstanding graphics, Celestia is one of our proudest works yet, bringing a console-like experience to mobile.”

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