Challenged by the Xiongnu (P v P)

Challenged by the Xiongnu (P v P)
[Shanghai, February 27, 2008] Is your Kung Fu strong enough? Who will become the hero respected by all in the World of Kung Fu? Take part in the Arena Challenge Event! Challenge evil soldiers and traitors, defeat them, and enhance your reputation!

After the 4 Great Spies succeeded in collecting military information from our beloved Middle Kingdom, the evil King Rugida of the Xiongnu is becoming more and more intense about his invasion plan. However, the rumors of powerfully skilled Kung Fu warriors in the provinces are making him nervous.

Needing to verify these claims, King Rugida decides to send his most trusted general, Apsical, and a team of his best warriors to test the might of these warriors by declaring a challenge of ‘honorable’ combat in the Master’s Arena.

Do you have what it takes to prove your skill in Kung Fu against the best warriors of the Xiongnu? Will you accept their challenge and gain the respect of the Great Masters? Do your part to help prevent an invasion, and send the traitors running back to their king with tales of brave warriors with unbeatable Kung Fu!

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