Combat Arms is now Transatlantic

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European and North American territories are now under one server for popular free-to-play multiplayer shooter, Combat Arms. Nexon Europe had been working on service migration maintenance in order to merge players both in Europe and North America into one server, resulting in users in these territories battling it out against each other for the first time, today.

The merge into one global server maximises and unifies the player base, allowing for transatlantic matchmaking. All user account functionality, including friends’ lists, clan lists and in-game note histories are retained, whilst Rankings are now merged, intensifying the competition.

7 million European players have now been united with 6 million North American troops to join the cause, taking the total number of active Combat Arms users to over a staggering 13 million.

To celebrate the service migration, Nexon Europe is providing a variety of in-game rewards and prizes which are now attainable through a whole host of special events.

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