Combat Monsters: Now Available On Steam

Combat Monsters

Rubicon’s biggest game yet, Combat Monsters, is available on Steam right nowCombining elements from collectible card games with grid-based tactics provides a competitive experience that appeals to new players and experienced strategists alike.

Cross-platform solo and competitive matches play out on a hexagonal board with 132 monsters, 42 spells and plenty of other surprises manifesting as full 3D models for a more cinematic experience.

Rubicon are an established studio with a BAFTA nominated portable strategy series (Great Little War Game, Great Big War Game, etc.) The customisable decks and global matchmaking in Combat Monsters expand upon that history by allowing for endless variations and challenges with up to six players.

Combat Monsters has already seen success on iOS and Android with positive reviews including 4/5 stars from 148 Apps, 91% from Apps Zoom as well as being commended as “Magic the Gathering meets Battle Chess in one hell of a game” by Tech Raptor.

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