Conquer Age: 500 vs 500 mobile CCG Now Available

Conquer Age

TOAST, a leading mobile game developer and publisher, today announced that Conquer Age: Clash of Empires is now available for free on iOS and Android devices across in the United States only.

Conquer Age, developed by 4PLAT Inc, is a collectible card strategy game that throws you into a world where all of history’s champions return to wage a massive war across the European countryside.

With over 450 unique hero cards to collect, you can bring nations to the ground under the leadership of Guan Yu.  Tear tyrants from their throne with the mighty Leonidas!  Prove the ferocity of the Barbarian goddess Bonacheya as she leads her face-painted horde of fighters across the world!

Conquer Age consists of three different play modes: ‘Mission’ and ‘Conquest’ in single player where players can collect and upgrade character cards to customize a tactically masterful deck. And ‘War’ mode (PvP), which allows hardcore strategy war gamers to form a nation with up to 500 different players and battle in real-time for resources and territory.

To support and maximize the strategic element that each player brings to battle, Conquer Age provides various features which support and foster the social aspect of the virtual nation-building such as sending resources to friends, receiving battle reports through the alliance system, recommending leadership positions, and real-time chatting for tactic team movements and attacks.

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Invite your friends and start your empire during our Preregistration Event. Gain valuable resources and achieve the best Hero cards for when you lead your troops into battle!

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