Conquer: Olympic Athlete Pose Competition

As the name stipulates, this latest competition will have an Olympic theme! The Olympics are quickly approaching so to celebrate, Conquer Online will have an event where you, the players, will submit screenshots of your characters edited to look like Olympic Athletes! It would be preferable to dress your character in a manner suited for these modern Olympics as there wasn’t much dressing in the original ancient Games! Other than that, go nuts with it!

There will be three different categories for submissions to be judged in. For the first category, ‘Most Popular’; players will vote and decide; in regards to the other two, ‘Most Humorous’ and ‘Most Creative’, we will carefully decide upon the most fitting submissions.

The detailed rules, joining requirement and the rewards of this competition will be announced next week. Keep yours eyes peeled on our updates!

As the Beijing Olympics 2008 are coming soon, we also hope to report on some of your favorite games during this competition. Please vote here to choose your favorite Olympic games first and we will also put up other games for voting in the next few days.

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