Conquer Online announces classic server!

The TQ team is honored to announce that the 1st Classical Conquerer Online server! Liberty will be launched after the server maintenance at 17:40, November 18 PST. The Classic CO project aims to bring back the original taste of Conquer Online to veterans who are missing the good old days. Based on the community’s suggestions, Classic CO will be run with the updated 2.0 style of graphics and features but with certain features removed to return the game to its original roots. The most critical change is that there will be NO Shopping Mall and Battle Power System in the new Classic CO.

The major changes for Classic CO are as follows:
   1. No Shopping Mall
   2. No Battle Power System
   3. No DB Leveling
   4. No DB Socketing for “non-weapon” gear or the 2nd socket for weapons
   5. No Talismans
   6. Toxic Fog is removed from the Ninja skills
   7. Gems drop rate from monsters increased
   8. PK is allowed in Twin City.
   9. Equipment Bonus Quests are removed.
Mentor System, Nobility System and Clan System will become more cosmetic features with the abolishment of Battle Power. Other than this list, the features and functions in the current CO will be available in the upcoming release, including the latest Martial Arsenal & Arena Systems.
The Liberty server is hosted in America. The release of the Classic CO European server – Royalty will depend on the feedback of the community. Veterans, have you prepared yourselves for the hardship to reclaim the virgin land?


Conquer Online - Classic Server Announced

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