Conquer Online: Celebrity Appreciation Giveaway


Conquer Online: Celebrity Appreciation Giveaway
In order to celebrate the upcoming new server and the 7th anniversary of CO, the TQ team has prepared an amazing CP Giveaway event for all the players of CO 2.0 servers!
Note: Conquer Points (CPs) are a special in-game currency of Conquer Online, and you can use CPs to purchase items you want from the Shopping Mall or other players.
From May 17th to June 18th, all the CO 2.0 server’s players above level 40 (No Level restriction for reborn players) can claim at least 215 Bound CPs! Players who have registered for a full 7 years will be able to claim 1720 Bound CPs! Players whose last login date was before April 1st, 2010 will be able to claim a Fortune Pack (Bound), which allows them to receive 20 CPs per day (600 CPs in total for 30 days).

Conquer Online - Sweet Home CP Giveaway

Note: Each account can claim a reward only once, during the event.

Sounds tempting, right? Hurry up to join this easy and fun event and win a bunch of the new Bound CPs! Have fun!

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