Conquer Online: Sign Up For The Monk PvP Championship Now

Conquer Online has announced that players who want to take part in the Monk PvP Championship can sign up for the contest from Jan. 20th until Feb. 10th. The registration NPC will be released after the server maintenance on Jan. 20th.

Players will be able to choose to battle on a European Server or on a US Server. The TQ team will open a EU server if there are more than 500 players that select this option.

Now, let’s check out what’s in store for the contestants!


Headband – Level 130 Super Cap of Nirvana
Frock – Level 130 Super Frock of Heavenly Bless
Beads – Level 125 Super Arhat Prayer Beads
Boots – Level 129 Super Blizzard
Necklace – Level 130 Super Tornado
Ring – Level 126 Super Thunder
Talismans – Super Heaven Fan
 – Super Star Tower

Sign up for the Conquer Online Monk PvP Championship Now!

Whirlwind Kick – [Fixed] Send a spinning whirlwind outwards from the caster, to strike targets within a certain pace. Targets will not be able to move when hit. It is also effective against flying targets.
Radiant Palm – [Fixed] Attack all targets within 4 paces in a row to inflict certain damage on each target.
Fend Aura – [Fixed] Add Critical Strike & Skill Critical Strike immunity to team members within 30 paces.
Tyrant Aura – [Fixed] Increase the chance of Critical Strike & Skill Critical Strike for team members within 30 paces.

Recovery Items
Vanilla – + HP 2000 / Amount: 20
Soul Pill – + HP 1000 / Amount: 20

The competition will take place around the end of February, 2011. The exact date will be announced later, on the official site! More information will be coming up soon! Stay tuned!

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