Conquer Online Turns 8 in May

Conquer Online Turns 8 in May

On May 3rd, Conquer Online will have been running for 8 years. That is quite a milestone for any game and deserves a celebration!


Conquer Online 8 Year Anniversary


After opening its gates in 2003, this high-kicking MMO has taken masses of players from around the world to a fantastic universe of Kung-Fu heritage and ancient Chinese mythology. Following the successful expansions of New Dynasty and Raiding Clans, CO continued to bring more features in game. After the release of the Ninja class and the steed system, CO launched a brand new expansion, Legends Return, and introduced sub-classes, new PK contests, new bosses and the most anticipated new class, Monk. After 8 long years the game carries on strong in today’s competitive MMO market.



TQ Digital realizes that this could not be possible without their dedicated community. As such, Conquer Online will be launching a spectacular 8th anniversary celebrationin May!



During this 1 month celebration, players of Conquer Online will be able to experience a full-featured cavalcade of events, and be able to receive a variety of thrilling prizes! You will be able to explore intriguing quests, share your cherished CO moments with the community, and win some fantastic gifts for your creativity. Whether you’ve been with the game since its launch, or just got into it recently, you can participate and enjoy this birthday celebration.


The CO 8th Anniversary Celebration is about to raise the curtain, so get yourselves ready for the marvelous carnival in Conquer Online, this May!


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