Conqueronline: Ninja Sword Unveiled

At the beginning of this month, TQ Digital unveiled our plans to release a new class: the Ninja. Now we have received some ninja sword pictures from our designers.

From these pictures players can have a preliminary concept of the new class in Conquer online. The swords in the first picture are more realistic, while the ones in the second picture are purely fictional. Our designers are aiming for players to choose their characters’ appearance and style according to their own imagination about ninjas.

The art show presents two immediate questions: Will ninjas be able to dual-wield like Trojans, and will the ninja be able to throw shuriken as a new type of ranged weapon?

Currently only the Trojan can equip dual weapons and has become the most prominent PK class as the dual-wielding technique deals enormous damage. If the ninja could also use the dual weapons, then which class will be more dominative in PK? Also, with a balance of ranged and melee combat, will ninjas fill the gap that exists between the warrior and the archer?

Visit the forums for the latest rumors, and stay tuned for the release for the arrival of Ninjas.

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