CTRacer: Hackshield implemented

CTRacer is glad to announce the implementation of Hackshield a popular anti cheating software that will allow our players to experience fair and enjoyable game play.

To give way for the implementation CTRacer will be wiping out all the existing characters in the game on October 6th 2009. In lieu of the process we’re going to have 2hr server maintenance. Server will be up at exactly 9:00 [+9GMT]

In lieu of the games official launch, a total of $10,000 USD will be given away with the game’s first ever World Grand Prix (CTRacer World Grand Prix). The event will have an elimination round in each participating continent and at the grand finals the winners will be drive their way to become the first ever CTRacer International Champion. Furthermore Game Networks Inc provided a numerous number of minor events ranging from community building events for the players to participate as well as some events that can surely help them to be able to stand up in their first few hours inside the game.

We would like to ask for your kind understanding and cooperation about these recent changes. Rest assured that once the game servers are live, we guaranteed that it will worth the wait.

CTRacer Character Wipe Out

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