DC Universe Online Releases Flash Themed DLC

DC Universe Online Releases Flash Themed DLC



Sony Online Entertainment proudly released their second DLC for DC Universe Online this week, focusing on a storyline revolving around The Flash.



In Lightning strikes, players go on a ridiculous trip through time, courtesy of The Flash running on a “Cosmic Treadmill” (read in epic deep narrator voice of course!). You can team up with your favorite sidekick friend and go back in time to the very day that The Flash was struck by lightning and gained his super hero powers. This involves battling through a twisted time portal against a barrage of electric minions and a showdown with the Pied Piper who has taken control of a heavily armored police station to stop you from completing your mission.



In addition, a new zone with loads of quests for heroes and villains alike is opening up, as well as access to a new lightning power set featuring both DPS and healing capabilities. Look forward to hunting the Teen Titans or The Rogues depending on your alignment in this great content expansion.



Be sure to check out the Lightning Strikes DLC Trailer to see The Flash in action before making your purchase.

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