Dead By Daylight: Shattered Bloodline DLC Released

Dead by Daylight Shattered Bloodline

Behaviour Digital has released Shattered Bloodline, the ninth chapter in Dead by Daylight. The update includes a new killer (The Spirit), a new survivor (Adam Francis), a new map (the Family Residence), and an exclusive item for Adam.

In Shattered Bloodline, players will meet a new killer, The Spirit. Wrath is her legacy – the terrible pain she suffered sets it off. Swift and lethal, she exacts her revenge endlessly. The Spirit can use her power, Yamaoka’s Haunting, to enter an ethereal plane and phase-walk to another location, unseen by human eyes. The survivor, Adam Francis is The Inspiring Teacher. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Adam is a resourceful professor and a driven autodidact who built a new home in Japan. The new map is set on Yamaoka Estate, in the Family Residence. The house needed numerous renovations to remain habitable. As it was stripped of its integrity, an old anger was awakened…


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