Destiny Online and OnRPG create Ingame Guild Meeting with Goodies

An invitation to all!!
Next weekend you are invited to join the OnRPG Ingame Meeting in Destiny Online, and join the ingame OnRPG Guild. All participants who join the events this weekend will receive an exclusive gift pack for their character!
We will all be playing on the new server called Zebra, and you can already sign up for the game! A guild can only be created by characters once they reach level 30, so I’d like to ask one of you to create the Onrpg guild for us once they reach that level! Players reach Lv.40 and Lv.50 will receive awesome extra bonus (Be sure you are in the OnRPG guild). Some fun events (still secret!!) will be held throughout the weekend. Don’t miss it!
Sign up for the Meeting:
If you’re interested to join the OnRPG Ingame Meeting in Destiny Online, leave a note here! If you are going to start playing, or already have a character on the Zebra server, then leave your ingame name for people to poke you ingame!

Destiny Online Ingame meeting

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