Do You Want Lord British’s Blood?


Do you want the Blood of the Father? You can get it on eBay! Richard Garriott is the father of the Ultima series, as well as the failed Tabula Rasa game [which he sued NCSoft for]. He is a man who for many years, insisted people call him “Lord British”, his Ultima Online/Ultima Persona. Lord British is the lord of the realm, and has been over the years basically been referred to as an absolute lunatic. He went to the International Space Station as a private astronaut, and has been developing video games since the 70s. The Ultima games are some of my favorites of all time as far as Roleplaying games go. But the man is batty like a cave in Pokémon. Brilliant game developer, I love the worlds he creates, but I think the man is slightly unhinged.


As I heard about Shroud of the Avatar, his current venture, I thought perhaps he had relaxed. He no longer insists on being known as Lord British for one thing. But on a recent live-stream, he had his blood drawn live on air. Now, if you want to fork over 5,000 bucks, you can own one of six “Lord British Blood Reliquaries”. It also has Darkstarr’s blood too, but he’s not as relevant as Garriott I’m afraid.  It’s not even a “Buy It Now”! The starting fucking bid is 5,000. Yes. You heard that right. For five grand, you can have a reliquary with Lord British’s fucking blood in it.  There’s other stuff of course: A pile of digital stuff, such as Episode 1 of Shroud of the Avatar, a lot of in-game stuff to make the game a lot easier I imagine. There is also a trip to their studios in Texas, but they aren’t comping the travel price. Seriously? Five thousand dollars isn’t enough, but they have to fly or drive there too? At first, I thought he had calmed down, that Richard Garriott had relaxed, untangled that fucking mass that is his brain, but noooooo. Want to buy Lord British’s blood and get some stuff for the upcoming title by His Majesty? Look no further! You could win a reliquary faster than you can ask, “What is a Paladin?”

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