Dofus: ‘Legends of the Fall’ update now available


The latest update to the DOFUS universe titled LEGENDS OF THE FALL is now available. This update includes a new quest and a new dungeon. Some legendary treasures are to be found in game but also expect some deeply hidden secrets to be revealed as well! Beware some characters may not be who they pretend…

The quest includes a new background issue: “While new legendary treasures have been discovered, Nova will ask for the help of adventurers who have already explored all three Divine Dimensions. She wants to find the trail of an old, lost friend…” Be sure that this quest has some revelations in store!

In addition some dungeons will be granted with new features. The number of turns between two waves of monsters is now 5 in all Divine Dimension dungeons. The dungeons are the following: Drhossil’s Cave, King Nidas’s Palace, Toxoliath’s Cave, Throne Room of the Dark Court, XLII’s Metronomicon, and the Eye of Vortex. The number of turns between two waves of monsters have been increased in order to make these dungeons easier to access for teams whose focus isn’t on dealing high damages as quickly as possible.

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