Dragon Saga Kicks Off The Worlds Collide Update

Dragon Saga Kicks Off The Worlds Collide Update


Dragon Saga


Gravity Interactive, a publisher of exciting massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), has launched an all-new Dragon Saga update that brings the world of Ragnarok to this Dragon Saga. Players can find new quests, quest rewards, costumes, dungeons, and so much more.



WarpPortals have opened up connecting the World of Dragon Saga to the world of the International hit MMO, Ragnarok Online.  Kafra employee, Telling, is in search of heroes to help save her home town of Geffen from certain doom. Heroes must don the armor of Ragnarok Heroes to enter this strange realm and will be rewarded with otherworldly armors and Costumes… if they succeed. Treasure boxes dropped from these new maps contain a chance to score exclusive Ragnarok Themed pets and mounts. New Field maps and monsters await all those brave enough to take on the challenge.



“It’s an exciting time for Dragon Saga, veteran players of Ragnarok will get a kick out of seeing their favorite armor sets and Monster in this awesome 3D environment…” said Vince Kim, Dragon Saga Producer at Gravity Interactive. “… and Dragon Saga players will love the challenges and costumes the new Instance dungeons will bring. “

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