Dragon’s Wrath: Lore Details Revealed

Dragon's Wrath

Scheduled to launch this June, Dragon’s Wrath is a horizontal, combat-based MMORPG that casts players as daring heroes during a time of great magic and mysterious creatures in the West. Presented with stunning, cutting-edge browser gaming graphics, engaging characters and fluid combat systems, Dragon’s Wrath players will tussle with epic bosses, explore unique instances, and must form key alliances as they fight to save the land.

In the world of Dragon’s Wrath, dragon’s symbolize mystery, power, honour – and war!

But it wasn’t always that way…

The Black Dragon Era

In the ancient times human beings lived in peaceful harmony, never experiencing the urge for war. But that all changed on May 20th, 728 AD – the fateful day that humans came face-to-face with dragons for the very first time.

A sudden explosion rocked the planet, alarming even the most learned of ancient mages. A giant crack appeared in the sky and a flaming black dragon emerged, laying waste to everything in its path. Volcanoes began to erupt, tsunamis and earthquakes became an ever-present threat, and plagues broke out. The world was covered with great darkness and chaos, and it soon became known as the Black Dragon Era.

Other dragons appeared from skies, but the powerful Black Dragon that emerged from the crack first was never seen again.

Humanity’s First Wars

Gripped by chaos, humanity became engulfed in its first wars. In 728 AD, ‘The King of Spar and Earth’ battle saw humans on the Eastern border of the Lowman Empire fall foul to evil Dragon Ferric as he transformed them into his half-man, half-dragon puppets. It was a slaughter for the unprepared humans.

By 730 AD, the capital of the Wendell Federation was destroyed and humans finally understood what they were up against. But how can they stop a dragon threat capable of transforming into humans and deceiving them from within?

When 746 AD arrived, the Dragon’s controlled almost every territory the humans once called home. Only the western part of the continent, Heberyan Pack, remained free of dragons.

Until now.

And So Our Story Begins…

The dragons have amassed a powerful army and it’s time for humanity’s last stand!

As the enemy gets ever closer to Heberyan Pack, Saber’s, Assassins, Mages and Gunners have all being summoned to the battlefield. If they don’t succeed, humankind may perish.

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