Dungeon Runner adds another ‘Chunk’, adding membership benefits and heaps of new content

NCsoft has released Chunk 3, a content update for Dungeon Runners, a free-to-play and download game where players’ rampage through satire drenched dungeons destroying monsters and collecting loot. Chunk 3 includes beefed up membership benefits, a variety of new skills, quests, player versus player (PvP) system improvements and quality of life enhancements.

Chunk 3 makes being a Dungeon Runners Member much more beneficial compared to non-Members. Currently, the Membership level costs $4.99 per month and includes advertisement-free play, an exclusive server, extensive potion stacking, larger bank storage and access to the most powerful items, weapons and armor. With the release of Chunk 3, Membership level players are granted a fifteen percent experience (XP) boost over free players, and they will gain fifteen percent more gold. Additionally, Members will receive discounts when using “Kings Coin” to purchase items, receive more mythic and rare items drops compared to non-Members, and receive additional bank pages at level 50 and level 100.

“It is important that the membership level players get great value from their financial commitment to Dungeon Runners, regardless of the fact that anyone can be a monthly Member for the cost of a latte,” said Stephen Nichols NCsoft’s producer and lead programmer for Dungeon Runners. “Dungeon Runners continues to great game to play for free because of its robust content features you would find in most full-priced MMOGs, and with this Chunk, we have greater content coming out including quite a few highly requested PvP improvements and a set of fun and funny skills. This Chunk is also is paving the way to the cool features coming up this summer with the release of the Dungeon Runners retail pack which will include the enigmatic Bling Gnome.”

The Bling Gnome is sidekick that will summon a gnomish gangster creature who can pick up all your gold for quick storage, and can even convert nearby loot into gold. However, the Bling Gnome will only be available for those that purchase the Dungeon Runners retail pack, which will be on store shelves later this year.

Dungeon Runners’ PvP battles will now be more profitable for winners (and losers) with winners receiving three Kings Coin and losers receiving one. Additionally, the PvP brawls will be tracked and recorded on an XML data feed where players can view their battle stats in bracketed leader boards based on rating as well as win-count. Also, Chunk 3 improves PvP matchmaking and balance to make sure battles are fair and easy to start.

Chunk 3 also adds five new skills for players to master including “Barf-O-Rama” which upgrades poison ranged skills. Each time an enemy takes poison damage from a player’s poison ranged skills “Barf-O-Rama” improves the chance that enemies will become ill and start barfing. Once an enemy starts to barf, other nearby enemies may get disgusted and start barfing too. Each barfing enemy will take poison damage over time and may also get knocked back due to their heaving. We’ve also added some item-specific skills, like “Dark Conniption”, which requires a shield, and “Shiver Shot”, which requires a ranged weapon.

The new content expansion also adds quests to the Shadow’s Embrace and Balzack’s Burrow dungeons as well as an improved social window, a “Noob” Channel and a variety of balance improvements, weapons, armor and loot. Chunk 3 also features revisions to tutorial and new player area quests. Some of the new weapons and armor sets have upgraded particle effects. Finally, every time a quest is completed a “15% More Cowbell” modifier is granted, which increases the experience earned by killing monsters by fifteen percent for five minutes.

To download Dungeon Runners for free or find out more information on Chunk 3, go to: www.dungeonrunners.com

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