Dying Light On Track to Become Techland’s Most Successful Title

Dying Light 45 Day Infographic

Since its release, Dying Light has been occupying top spots in sales charts across the globe. Techland’s latest zombie title has already become the No.1 best-seller in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Sweden, Australia and many other major markets. Today Techland announced that within 45 days since launch, the count of Dying Light players reached 3,200,000 people. With that timeframe applied, it makes Dying Light the most popular title in the company’s history.
“To celebrate the milestone, we pulled a few numbers and compared them to some real world examples to get an idea of what our fans achieved. They’ve really been a busy bunch.” – says community manager Michał Napora.

Following the success of Dying Light, Techland continues its post-launch support for the game . Last week the first free content update for Dying Light went live bringing the much-anticipated Hard Mode, new weapons, additional outfits and more to the quarantine zone. On top of that, the company reiterated its plans to actively support the game with new maps, modes, skills, quests, and other original content.

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