Early Access Preview: Guild Wars 2

Early Access Preview: Guild Wars 2!



OnRPG’s Early Access Column has more on the horizon than just Realm of the Titans. We have a special surprise coming in this week as well! Be sure to drop by OnRPG tomorrow for the beginning of our 3 part Early Access coverage of Guild Wars 2 straight from the European development studios! Our special European agent, Nilax, will be bringing two preview articles covering elements of the game never before released, as well as a video interview with Game Designer Jonathon Sharp!



So what kind of juicy details can you expect? Well I can’t say everything because that would ruin the anticipation. However we will be giving details on Guild Wars 2 plans to create a full eSport atmosphere complete with leagues and international championships! Oh we might be covering under water content as well. Yea I didn’t see that coming either. In the meantime you can bide your time by enjoying access to a never before released dungeon cinematic trailer we posted this morning. Check it out HERE and be back tomorrow around 9am PST for our interview!

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