ELF Online Close Beta Testers Recruit

Happymmo is pleased to announce the close beta of its first mmorpg—ELF Online. The first Happymmo mmorpg–ELF Online is comedy based mmorpg with trandy elements, relaxing features and elaborate story line. "There is nothing you can’t do" is the slogan of the Elf Online. Spurning the traditional gaming style, Elf Online creates a free and player-oriented in gaming environment enabling players to make their unique weapons and equipments specially designed for them.

ELF Online will begin its Alpha test in the end of November. In order to improve the game, Happymmo will give out 5000 Alpha test accounts. Those interested could get these account from our partners or could apply the account in the ELF Online official forum. This event will commence on Nor. 26th.

During the test, if you found any bug or has any suggestion, feel free to contact us via e-mail at

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Our download link will be released later. Please pay attention to our official website.
Have a Relaxing Time, Enjoy Elf Online.

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