Elf Online In game Event – Happy Carnival

Elf Online In game Event – Happy Carnival

A series of new events will be released soon in the next update with changes as bugs fixed and new element added. Let’s get a quick view of what a brand new Elf Online (http://elf.happymmo.com) has.

Happy Carnival: Happy Carnival is consisted of a series of such events as the carnival, treasure box fall and hatch the golden egg. Players could take part in the game in a relaxed way with lots of rewards and experience waiting for them.

1. Carnival
When the carnival begins, players could go to the guide in each city- Carefree village, Wulong Village and Dragon City to apply for joining the carnival. You will get some quests from the guide when you apply for participation. Every 10 quests is a round, for each quest you finished, Exp and coins will be granted. When you finish up to 6 quests in a round, you will be granted quest credits, with the credits, you may exchange golden eggs.
Requirement: Solo or team, each participant should above level 20.
Rewards: For each round, players will be rewarded 1 happy fruit, after using it you will get 1000 SP. Furthermore, there is some possibility to gain extra rewards as common eggs for teleport and treasure boxes.

2. Treasure box fall
System will recode the number of player who participate the carnival in each city. The number of quest player finished and the number of player participated affects the heat of the carnival of that city. When the heat reach 2000, or the multiple of 2000, some treasure boxes will fall from the sky. After the quest is finished, 80 treasure boxes will drop from the sky in the city with the highest heat.
Requirement: The treasure box fallen in one city could only be collected by player who participate the carnival in that city.
Reward: Happy fruit, Treasure, Exp

3. Hatch Golden Egg
You may go to the guide in each city to exchange golden egg with every 15 credits could exchange for 1 golden egg. When you get 30 credits and 4 eggs, you could hatch the golden egg. When the egg is hatched, you have some possibility to get rare pets, Exp or gold powder.

For more details about Elf Online, please visit: http://elf.happymmo.com/game/

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