Elf Online:Scholar Series Job Build

It’s no doubt that scholars help much in the normal game play of ELF Online (http://elf.happymmo.com). It seems to me that people have been asking on a consistent basis about the proper build for a scholar. Generally speaking, it really depends on what you will be choosing as the second job for you scholar. Currently, although I only have experience in buildiing the stats for a doctor, I will try to explain a short summary of the other 2 jobs as well: Poet and Alchemist.

First off, it is very important that each of the 3 jobs has enough Staminaina to meet the requirements for wearing dream, hero and legendary armor. You can easily check by going to the NPC in Dragon City that exchanges armor for gold powder and hover over the correct respective armor which for a scholar, should be leather. After meeting the Staminaina requirements, the builds start to branch off a bit.


Since your main job will be designated as the healer vs. an attacker, it very important to have the correct balance of mp and hp. The AOE (area of effect) heals and single heals can start to become quite pricey at higher levels and therefore, a substantial amount of mp is needed. However, your most important job is to keep yourself from dying, therefore as important as MP can be, a higher level of HP can become crutcial. I have personally pumped 2 Wisdom, 3 Stamina or 1 Wisdom, 4 Stamina into my doctor in order to ensure that by lvl 60 my HP will be over 4000.


Your main focus will be to cast party buffs and act as an emergency, not primary healer. While I believe it is important to have a secondary healer, the poet will be using most of it’s store turn points in order to cast buffs to increase party attack, etc. I would personally go back to the old school build of alternating between 2 Wisdom, 3 Stamina and 3 Wisdom, 2 Stamina in order to keep a good balance of HP and MP.


Now here comes the tough decision. The role of an alchemist will play as a strong attacker, yet an emergency healer. Since the alchemist will primarily be attacking, I believe it is better to follow a Magician/Shaman/Hypnotist’s build of 3 Wisdom, 2 Stamina. It is really a hard decision on whether you would like to keep your HP high, or to forgo some HP in order to have enough MP to pull off all the attacks.

Final Notes

One thing to remember is that the builds I have mentioned above neither favor a pvp build nor a training build. I have tried to piece together what I have heard and it seems the conclusion was the balance that I have mentioned above. For example. if you would like your character to favor a pvp build, certainly pump more HP than MP.

Another common question was : What exactly does luck do?
In ELF Online (http://elf.happymmo.com), Luck will decreases monster’s enmity towards the character, so it will decrese the possiblity of being attacked. It might not be a bad idea to pump in some luck towards a PURE training doctor, but certainly never towards a pvp doctor.

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