Elsword Gets Massive Guild Update

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KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announces the launch of the highly anticipated Guild overhaul update!

Rustic, Quaint, Charming… A warm, cozy countryside estate with bed and breakfast!? Not quite.
There are a great many things one may call their humble abode in worn-torn Elrios, but to the stalwart warrior, frontline collectives that champion the noblest of causes, and drive the foul Demon infestation from the land, this is home! Guilds of Elrios, the time has come.
Enter: The Guild Base!… No really, come on in.

Every Guild now has a place to call home in Elsword. If a player is part of a Guild, they get to hang out in their very own Guild Base where they can mingle exclusively with their Guild Mates as well as store communal items, acquire Guild Missions, host super-secret shady meetings and much more.

When players log into Elsword, any Character belonging to a Guild will automatically start in their respective Guild Base unless they were in a Village or Rest Area the last time they’d logged out.

So, let’s jump in and explore!

Let’s take a look at what an Elsword Guild will now call home:

Guild Storage

At the center of the Guild Base is your Guild’s shared storage. The Guild Storage Interface also shows the balance of accumulated Guild Coins, as well as the deposit and withdrawal history of each Guildy. As a member of a Guild, players are allowed to deposit items in Their Guild Storage at any time. However, retrieving items is limited depending on the player’s designated Guild Rank.

Myu’s Guild Service

A Guild Master would do well to forge a service arrangement with Myu, the Guild NPC. The Guild Leader can acquire a number of different services in exchange for Guild Coins. Depending on the contract type, Myu offers a Store, Crafting and Exchange features. With any active Guild Service Contract, the applicable services will be available to all members of the Guild.
For a newly-created Guild, Myu’s Store Services are complimentary for 7 days.

Guild Missions

Whether players like to go it alone with Individual Guild Missions or get together with their Guild Mates for Cooperative Guild Missions, all are encouraged to accomplish great and honorable things in the name of the Guild.

Improved Guild UI

Old school, dedicated Elsword Guild veterans may now benefit from several improvements to the previous Guild System Interface:

  • Simpler Community – Guild (G) Tab: This new tab will display the connection status, location, and channel info only for the designated Guild and Guild Members.
  • A Guild Information Button/Shortcut Key has been added: This shows detailed information on the Guild and its members.
  • This is a lot to take in, and a welcome addition to Elsword. All Elsword players can also check the Elrios Guide Book in-game for a “how to” on all the updated Guild features.

Whether an old school Guildie or new to the ranks of Elsword and out looking for a Guild, the hearth is warm and there’s strategizing to do! Play your Manga! Play Elsword!

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