Elvenar: Gameplay Details Revealed


InnoGames uncovers additional information today on the visuals and gameplay of its latest strategic city-builder Elvenar. The information reveals distinct differences between the two playable races, Humans and Elves. Especially on how they differ aesthetically – in the way their cities look and feel. Gameplay-wise, both have access to similar features in terms of city-building and exploring the multiplayer overworld map. InnoGames’ latest video supports this with first gameplay scenes and has Game Designer Timon and UI Artist Oliver explain the game’s unique look and feel.

Visually speaking, Elves live in harmony with nature and incorporate it into their architecture while Humans use nature as construction material instead.  This means their buildings feature heaps of stone and metal as the main components. The city building aspect focuses on residential, cultural and production type structures with unique houses that unlock additional options. Most edifices have 15 upgradable stages, which makes them grow in size and change visually.

For more info, visit http://www.innogames.com/en/browser-games/elvenar/

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