Eudemons Online’s New Expansion ‘Arrow Fury’ Arrives in June

Eudemons Arrow Fury

Arrow Fury is the new expansion for Eudemons Online and arrives on June 1st with a new class, new server and more. The Elf Ranger arrives with Arrow Fury and with her comes incredible, ferocious attacks. If players choose the Ranger class on the new server (Scorpio), you can level up to 130 directly, complete with level 125 gear. There will be plenty of new events celebrating this expansion, but there will also be new features going with them.

Eudemons Online will also have new equipment, Divine Fire, which comes with the new quests and dungeons. This equipment lets players hunt for free, and all classes will be able to Awaken. Awakening will redefine how all classes handle. Arrow Fury will bring a variety of PVP tournaments to challenge even the best of players.


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