EVE CCG to Offer $25,000 at Gen Con

Atlanta, GA – June 20, 2007 – EVE: The Second Genesis, CCP | White Wolf’s collectable card game that debuted at Gen Con 2006, will be returning this year with a new expansion set and a $25,000 Championship Tournament.
Taking place at the largest hobby show in North America, Gen Con Indianapolis, this year’s competition will offer more than double the prize pool of last year’s, making it one of the largest CCG payouts at the convention. To celebrate the release of the game’s first expansion, The Exiled, CCP has opened up the tournament to all Gen Con attendees. This will allow both EVE: The Second Genesis veterans and newcomers to experience all the action. For more information about entry into the con and registering for the Championship, visit the Gen Con website at www.gencon.com/2007/indy.

And the action doesn’t stop when the convention is over! In addition to the cash prizes offered, the winner of the EVE CCG World Championship will be receive an all-expense paid trip to CCP’s 4th annual EVE Online Fanfest, held November 1st – 3rd in Reykjavik, Iceland.

With the release of The Exiled, players will now be able to build even larger, more fearsome fleets of ships, with less fear of an early-round loss. And with the addition of characters and racial affinities, decks are easier to customize and focus than ever before. The streamlined rules of The Exiled will bring a whole new atmosphere of play to this year’s Championship.
“This year’s Championship is just the tip of the iceberg for Second Genesis,” said Zack Walters, Organized Play Coordinator for the game. “The fans have been really anticipating The Exiled, and I think the events and league structure we have planned for the future will maintain the level of excitement.”

Even once the champion is crowned at Gen Con, the action for The Exiled continues. During the weekend after Gen Con, CCP | White Wolf will be sponsoring tournaments at hobby stores across the globe, where players can compete to earn cash prizes and respect. All events with at least twelve players will receive a prize pool of $100, in addition to the unique prize cards offered at every store.

So come play Second Genesis at Gen Con, and win your share of the $25,000 Championship. Then, when you go home, play locally for another chance to win big!

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