EVE Fanfest to run April 21-23, 2016

EVE Fanfest to run April 21-23, 2016 news header

EVE Fanfest is the massive, yearly gathering in Reykjavik, Iceland that celebrates the virtual worlds of the EVE Universe as well the players that call it home. Over a thousand EVE Online capsuleers, DUST 514 mercs, EVE: Valkyrie pilots and their friends and family will make their way to the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center set in beautiful downtown Reykjavik, Iceland.

Unique events will supplement in-depth panels, presentations, PvP tournaments, exotic local excursions, game demos, round tables, developer pub crawls, concerts, parties and unprecedented access to the development team. Highlights include:

  • An updated vision for EVE Online’s future as well as innumerable reveals from all parts of the development team
  • A larger presence for  the virtual reality space dogfighting game EVE: Valkyrie and its next steps as a premier VR platform launch game
  • An increased level of integration of the fans themselves with even more presentations from famous EVE player-experts
  • More deals from local vendors and excursion operators so attendees can make the most of their time in the land of fire and ice
  • More demos of and insight into other special projects from CCP Games

That’s just some of what EVE Universe fans will be able to look forward to. Much more will be revealed between now and the end of April-including the final schedule-with several surprises in store for the event itself.

Tickets for EVE Fanfest and more information about the event can be found at:  http://fanfest.eveonline.com.

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