EVE Online Incursion Released

EVE Online Incursion Released


CCP yesterday launched the first portion of this winter’s EVE Online: Incursion expansion for EVE Online, recent winner of the Game Developer’s Choice Award for Best Live Game of 2010.

The November 30th release, Incursion 1.0.0, is first in a multi-part release for one of the most ambitious EVE expansions to date. It includes a long list of changes, many of which were prioritized and added with the help of the Council of Stellar Management, a representative group of EVE players elected by the playerbase to interact on their behalf with the CCP development team since 2008.


EVE Ship

Changes in Incursion 1.0.0 span the breadth of EVE, from the addition of over 80 new storyline missions and the Noctis salvaging ship to rebalancing rockets and Tech 2 ammo. The update also includes improvements to EVE’s user interface (UI) based on player feedback, which should make the lives of all pilots a little easier, whether in a new frigate or contributing to the industrial might of their thousand-player alliance.  A full list of changes is available in the patch notes.

CCP recently launched the Incursion feature site which will be updated frequently throughout the next two months with video interviews, art assets and more information about the expansion. It also features the Incursion trailer, which shows an amazing, in-engine glimpse at our avatar technology and the future of EVE in the character of Sansha Kuvakei, leader of Sansha’s Nation.

Incursion 1.0.1 will be available on December 14th and will couple the removal of learning skills with another holiday gift for EVE players.


Incursion 1.0.2 will be available mid-January and includes the stunningly realistic character creator based on CCP’s avatar technology, a precursor to next year’s “Incarna” release. The web-based social networking platform for EVE players, EVEGate, will see a large upgrade with integrated forums. The Planetary Interaction feature will also see significant improvements based on player input. The following week, a vengeance-fueled Sansha’s Nation will invade the EVE universe, causing chaos as pilots join together in twenty to forty person fleets to beat back the new “Revenant” supercarriers, their fierce fighter bombers and the fleets at their command. Victors against these “incursions” will reap tremendous rewards for their bravery.

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