EVE Online’s Proteus release is out today

Eve Online

CCP has just released a new update for their sandbox sci-fi game “EVE Online” with the new Proteus update. This new update features many new changes, including rebalanced ships, field effects, exploration sites and more.

  • Rebalanced Recon Ships. An entire class of ships has gone back to the design table with a notable change being immunity to detection by Directional Scanners for Combat Recons, making them incredibly deadly ambushers
  • Asteroid field effects bring pulverized rocks, dust particles, light rays and other atmospheric beautifications to the raw materials that help build the EVE universe
  • High end exploration sites offer hazards, traps and lucrative rewards for veteran explorers
  • 10 more groups of modules are streamlined and simplified to maintain the sophistication of EVE without overdone complexity
  • The glorious beta star map gains even more features and improved visualization
  • A redesigned Gallente Exequror hull graces the previously humble logistics ship
  • New player mining locations ensure that there will always be a fresh store of Veldspar for those venturing into the first few days in EVE

For more info, visit http://community.eveonline.com/releases/proteus/?utm_source=ccp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20150113_pr&utm_content=proteus2

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