Everlasting nightmare in Endless Plain

Everlasting nightmare in Endless Plain

Darkness force is probably about to put a finger or two in dominating Endless Plain and recently, the vanguard of it has arrived. Are they the big threat from Darkness or just some dogfaces in Elf Online (http://elf.happymmo.com/)? Experience in person might as well.

One-Word Brush: Rumor is that, the One-Word Brush was a sacrifice of triangle love and was cut down by the angry man. The poor woman suffered the pain of broken-hand when she indulged herself in writing a love letter to her other man. It seems the prelude of tragedy.

Ringu’s Youngest Sister: Disguised with her big eyes and bloody mouth, Ringu’s Youngest Sister is actually a coward devil. After suffered from cerebral concussion, she was noise-nervous and felt like to linger in the still night. Taking the advantage of darkness and prolonged daytime in Endless Plain, Ringu’s Youngest Sister sold herself as a vanguard here.

Gentleman Killer: Dual-lip pistil seems its sexy weapon and it always walks in boasted beauty. The ones who kissed by it will lose their hearts as well as lives immediately.

Giggly Leopard: Red fuzz distinguishes it from other leopards. Its sharp teeth can tear the adversaries into pieces with high speed. Neglecting its silly and giggly characters, Giggly Leopard is seen as a tough role in the game.

Endless Plain is doomed to sink or swim in unremitting confrontation. All the aggressive adventurers in Elf Online (http://elf.happymmo.com/) should not shrink and withdraw to fight for righteousness.

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