Evie Rework: What the Hell?


Sometimes, an item comes across my desk that makes my eyes bulge and my jaw drop. This is seldom a good thing. First, it was R. Mika. Heaven forbid she slap her ass! Sinful! Vile! IT CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO GO ON. Then Tracer. What? Her booty stuck out a little? Is … is that worth changing or editing out? Is that really such a horrifying thing? That one wasn’t even suggestive! But it goes on. My friends, even companies that I love are capable of doing things that strike me as absolutely bloody-fool stupid.  Nothing but respect for the people at Hirez, but come on! Why was Evie given a visual rework, and in the weirdest ways. The first thing my co-workers noticed was the head changes. Her makeup was taken away, her hair looks less natural. Now she’s an anime character. The art assets for her hair went from looking a little messy, but more realistic, to painted on. Evie is now a Bratz doll. Or maybe a Vocaloid? I think we need to take a step back here. Let It Go, Hirez.

Paladins Evie Impressions

The apparent reason seems to be to bring her “in line with future characters”. So you’re telling me you want all the future male and female characters to look like ass? I mean, if that’s what you want, mission accomplished. Sure, I get maybe she’s supposed to be a younger character and maybe we don’t want her chest hanging out if she’s supposed to be 12-13 years old. That I absolutely understand. But there are better ways to make her look younger without bombarding her art assets back into the stone age. Will they change her voice too? Her voice does not fit how she looks now. I have zero issues with her chest being covered. I think the art they used for it looks a little silly. That grey just looks out of place, in my opinion. But the new face? It does not fit. Not one bit. Just put her old face on there and I think that might placate a lot of users. Now is not the time to Barbie-fy Evie. I love you guys, I do. Paladins is still growing into its own brand, but I think this change is a step in the wrong direction.


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