Excalibur: KotK gains new planned features on Feb. 10th


R2Games and 337.com has just announced the addition of new features in an upcoming update for their mobile Action MMORPG – Excalibur: Knights of the King. After its first global release in October, the developers have been working on creating more content for the game.

Additions to the update will include:

  • Missions: Completing Missions grants players with accomplishments, which are similar to an “achievements” system.
  • Relics: Rare items called Relics can be acquired from Relic Hunt challenges; an additional reward called “anima” can also be collected and used to strengthen a player’s character in the new Ark system.
  • Border Escort: A mini-game event in which the player accompanies important figures on a perilous journey, helping them safely reach their destinations.

The new features are planned for release next month on 10th. For more information on this mobile title, visit: http://excalibur.r2games.com/

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