Exclusive Elemental Cloak and Elite chests for every Connect attendee

Codemasters are delighted to announce that all ArchLord players who purchase a connect ticket and attend the event will receive a stack of 3 Elite armour chests, 2 elite weapon chests and 5 elemental Cloaks for one character they have in ArchLord.

The Cloak of Elemental Mastery is multicoloured in design and grants the following bonuses:

+5 All elemental attack
+8% All elemental resistance

The chests (usually only available in one particular dungeon) will when opened give a random piece of Elite armour/weapon which can then be upgraded with a destiny prayer stone (100% success rate) to create a unique armour piece or weapon.

The images can be seen here .

Every ticket purchased will enable the player to claim these gifts for a character of their choice; however tickets are limited so to be sure you don’t miss out on this amazing offer, head to www.codemastersconnect.com now to purchase your ticket.

Full details on how to claim the items will be available at the event and on the website following the event.

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