Features for Pardus Newcomers

Features for Pardus Newcomers


Pardus is a real-time graphical game set in a futuristic universe that can be played right from the browser. It features dozens of maneuverable ships as well as a sophisticated production tree with a multitude of possible buildings and commodities. Its unique “Action Points” system allows players with limited time online to be just as competitive as players that have unlimited time online.


In the last weeks several features for improved usability have been introduced, primarily aimed at making the first few days and weeks in Pardus more comfortable for new players. These features include informatory and guiding messages after important events or achievements, a combat assistant, and further “educational tools” for fresh Pardus players. These updates will eliminate most of the remaining sources of beginner-frustration players have experienced in the past.


In addition, human “Guides” are available to answer any questions in an integrated Help chat channel, easing the learning curve for players new to the game.



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