Felspire Rise of the Saint Expansion Goes Live

Felspire Rise of the Saint Expansion Goes Live

Fast-paced browser ARPG Felspire today, April 8th, is thrilled to launch its expansion: Rise of the Saint, bringing a new class, the Saint, who is revered to be the King of PvP.

Players who have a Lv 120+ character and an Awaken Saint Card will be able to unlock the new class. The Saint is different from the other 3 classes in many ways. Starting from Lv. 70, the Saint can get 7 stat points with every level up, and therefore level up faster. He also possesses a powerful ally, Skyhawk, who deals huge damage and fights the Saint’s enemies. The Saint in addition has the unique ability to fight enemies while riding on his mount.

The Saint has various magic skills including massive damage dealing attacks such as Earth Rift, and Blast Wave, as well as supporting skills such as Mount Guard and Skyhawk Boosting. The Saint can also be advanced into higher level classes such as Prophet and Soothsayer to further unlock his mighty powers.

Other improvements have been added to this expansion as well. There are new high level Pets and Relics as well as adjustments made to GvG battle and Wing Fusing. For more details on the expansion, please check Felspire’s official website: http://play.37.com/fs/?cid=54&scid=fssaint

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