Fiesta Celebrates Independence Day

Independence Day is almost here, and Fiesta has one heckuva celebration planned for the big day. The game’s name does mean "party," after all.

Events include an Independence Day parade on each game server and an after-party featuring GM tax relief to help ease the strain of adventuring on players’ weary wallets.

Patriotic players planning to show off their spirit in the Independence Day parade can buy one of Fiesta’s new Independence-themed items available in the Fiesta Store on July 1st, including a red, white, and blue Liberty Hat, an Uncle Sam Pet, and of course… FIREWORKS! Fiesta players can also purchase a new mount and mini house modeled after The Statue of Liberty.

Join the party in Elderine on July 3rd, where the parade will continue to OX Field and the GMs will shower players wearing, riding, or using any Independence Day items with treasure chests.

For more information, please read GM SKiNG’s announcement in the Fiesta forums and visit the Fiesta event calendar.

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