Fiesta Update

The entertainment is never ending with Domo.

As of next June 11th you will be able to prove yourself into 2 new hero quests in Blakatoa Peak: “Jason’s Powerful pill” and “Wizard for Blakatoa peak” quests.

Furthermore GameTribe has planned a new batch of items to be released on the same day! In the Game’s shop you will find:

  1. Special mission card: would you like to restart some 1-time-only high level quests? Like the “Find out lover’s spirit” or the “Dog-Tired’s Red & White Lucky Peach “Missions? With this item you can! Enjoy once more the thrill of these amazing missions with your friends!
  2. Baby Big Bonus Pill: this item increase of 50% the experience gained and the item drop rate for one hour. If you want you can also use two of these Pills to get 100% increase.
  3. Double Heart Flypass: an unique fireworks to show your love!
  4. Hair Dye: brand new colors (Olive Green and Light Purple) to change your hairs’ look!
  5. Weapon upgrade books: available in different colors each one with a different kind of bonus.
  6. Teddy Bear costume: a new costume to personalize you character an look like a Teddy Bear.

Two goodie bags (one for male and one for female characters): In the Coco Pupu goodie bag you’l have a chance to get a permanent Maid’s outfit (maid costume, maid headband or set of the two of them!), while in the Wild Pupu goodie bag you could find a permanent Tuxedo or eyepatch (or set of the two of them). If you don’t find a permanent costume you could anyway find some other valuable items such as Weapon upgrades, Scapegoat doll, regeneration pills, Hair Dyer and much more! After this period of three weeks, the permanent costumes will be sold separately also for another week for all the guys that will not be lucky enough to get them from the goodie bags.

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