Fiesta, Wind Slayer and Project Powder news and events

Fiesta: Prepare to embark on the next stage of your adventure! The forces of Teva have traveled beyond the borders surrounding our familiar land and discovered new territory. Breathtaking landscapes, dark dungeons and extravagant creatures await. Are you ready? Fetch your allies, sharpen your sword and stock up on potions as you prepare to reach the new pinnacle of greatness in Fiesta. The new level cap of 105 awaits! Click here to find out more about Fiesta.
Click here to find out more about Fiesta
Project Powder: We’re proud to release Open Beta 2 for Project Powder! Check out the changes and additions to the game as well as the new character Nikki, who is only available with in game gold so your gonna have to earn your opportunity to play as her!
Wind Slayer: The Guild system has arrived, making it so players can join and create their own guilds! The guild system in Wind Slayer is very unique, involving purchasing advertisements and placing them around the world so that other players can click on them.
Wind Slayer Raffle: From now until the end of the month (April 30), all players that spend 3,500 SparkCash will automatically get a ticket entered into the Slayer Soup Raffle, where 1st place (1 winner) receives a Razor Arctosa Keyboard, 2nd place (10 winners) receive a Real Life Monster Hat, and 3rd place (50 winners) receive an in-game Cuckoo Hat. Enjoy, and good luck! Click here to see images of the prizes and more.

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