Fight for Honor in Age of Armor

Do you feel there was so easy in Duel? Would you want to make more sense to join the comrades-in-arms with the enemy resistance, otherwise, to challenge the competition even more difficult? No matter how you feel, such feelings will be affected! New challenges will soon begin! In order to experience new challenges, to get to know more comrades-in-arms, the PVP server Cancri and Leonis will be merged into new CANCRI. Immediately, you will experience the same world with the original story, but more excite fighting atmosphere! More honor points await you to receive, 300000,150000,100000 reward experience and more mysterious incentives belong to the Kings from you!

New Cancri server will have more players, more intense duel, richer trading platform and more fluid network speed

We sincerely hope that after the merger, the server can find players with your new comrade-in-arms together to enjoy in age of armor century wonderful journey.
Age of Armor Free to Enjoy, Free to Conquer, are you the chosen one?

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