Final Fantasy XV’s delay was “Best For Business”

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Final Fantasy XV was delayed until November 29th. Now, I’m sure there are a lot of people foaming at the mouth, ranting, raving, and posting on Twitter about how mad they are. Or they will, when they find out. My initial thought was: “DAMNIT. Why? I need this game now!” but that swiftly changed. I was doing a little reading about why this is necessary, according to Square-Enix, which I found my answer on ArsTechnica. Ultimately, the “Master Disc”, or the retail copy of the game was recently completed, but wasn’t as good as it could possibly be. There is a lot on the line with FFXV, and if this game bombs or is a disappointment, disaster could be in the air for Square Enix. We’ve been waiting years, literal years on XV. Tabata-san said that the game would not be the highest possible quality without a patch. This patch will be ready by Sept 30. Me and my boss/editor had a talk about the importance of Day One patches, and I agree, after having more facts, that they can be very useful.

But FFXV was going to need yet another patch after that one, and that’s definitely not good. I would rather them take their time to make that retail disc as good as humanly possible before dropping it. Sure, having to have another update¬†won’t be so bad, but having huge 10gb updates on the first day really upset me, I won’t lie. Final Fantasy XV is ambitious and unique in the RPG community, and I want it to be good. While I want it to be the best RPG I’ve ever played, I also want it now. I understand that I can’t have my cake and eat it too. . . but that doesn’t change my need. At the end of the day though, it’s important that they take the time to produce it when it’s ready, and not rush it out just to meet some arbitrary date. Take a breath folks: When it does show up at our doorsteps, it’s going to blow us all away. Below is an important message from Tabata-san himself, but I recommend turning on captions unless Japanese is your native language!

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