Forsaken World Gaze of Lorax Goes Live Thursday!

Forsaken World: Gaze of Larex Expansion Is Upon Us



Perfect World International will be releasing Forsaken World’s first major content expansion on Thursday the 26th. The Gaze of Larex content update will including a new dungeon, PvP arenas, the advanced Nightmare Carnival, the marriage system, a raised level cap and more, this content update has a truckload of new stuff waiting to be discovered.



A grand and treacherous new dungeon lies deep within the catacombs beneath the Sleeping Jungle. The great evil only known as Lorax has begun to feed on the seeping magics of these catacombs, filled with dark energy due to a long forgotten tribal war. Calling upon the fallen hero of this war, Goutah, as an undead body guard, Lorax seems to be nearly unstoppable in his devious designs. The tribe of Goutah, brainwashed by the dark magics of Lorax, have taken up arms and will resist any adventurers daring enough to attempt to root out the evil growing within these caverns. Great rewards await the band that can bring an end to Lorax’s evil, but only true Forsaken World veterans should dare try their hand against him.



The God’s Trial will also be taking an unsuspected twist this week. The Elemental Lords residing beneath Freedom Harbor have finally been defeated. Now it is time for the warriors of Eryda to take up arms against in each in vicious 3v3 and 6v6 team deathmatches to prove their worth to the gods. A fantastic new pvp ranking system will help keep track of your victories and defeats, providing a ranking system as proof of the greatest fighters on each server. Rumors abound that the greatest of the great may even find themselves in the position of a champion’s mount to rub the further heighten their egos!



The world of Eryda is also expanding with the introduction of the ‘Training Grounds.’ This fully sufficient map will include merchants, auctioneers, healers, and everything Forsaken World players need to get by, as well as new adventures and quests to guide you in your exploration of the realm.



Finally, Perfect World’s famous wedding system is finally coming to Forsaken World. After much trial and testing in previous games, I believe Forsaken World has truly outdone themselves in their current wedding system. It will be a non-instanced event right in the middle of Freedom Harbor, complete with cherub flower bearers and westernized vests and gowns. It looks fantastic in the screenshots and OnRPG can’t wait to get our hands on some footage of the first weddings!

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