Fractured Space Adds New Squadron Command Feature & Additional Content

Fractured Space Adds New Squadron Command Feature & Additional Content

Edge Case Games today introduced a whole new scale to strategic battleship gameplay with an update of its team-based tactical space combat game, Fractured Space, currently in Early Access on Steam. Today’s new ‘squadron command’ feature adds small ships that can be launched from the game’s giant capital ships to attack, defend and board other vessels.

Squadron craft function as fighters, bombers and boarding ships that can be deployed in conjunction with the ‘big guns’ of the capital ships to add another strategic layer to the game’s space combat. In comparison to the game’s primary ships, which can be up to 2 kilometers long, these craft are relatively tiny—allowing them to be launched from capital ships as needed in combat. Squadron craft replace current area of effect (AOE) features such as swarm fighters and leech drones with squads of small ships that can be sent on long range missions to defend or attack objectives. To counter squadron craft, the game’s capital ships have a new Point Defense system that can be deployed against small craft attacks.


Other gameplay changes include Presence Boosts, which increase the percentage of XP and Credits earned in combat, and additional in-game improvements including the ability to switch teams before a match, new HUD features and game balancing changes. On the content side, new ships include the TDS Reaper, a mid-range attack ship, and the USR Destroyer, a heavy ship focusing on ranged offensive capability. Also, existing packs have had new content added to them for no additional charge.

The Reaper is a TDS attack ship designed to attack from mid-range and then close head-on using forward-facing turrets supported by its scythe attack beam. Its broadside shield helps defend against flanking attacks and its bomber wing allow for ranged attacks against slower opponents. The Destroyer extends the USR Heavy line with a ship bristling with turrets and built around ranged offensive capability. Its large scale turrets have a range up to 25 km with an optimum attack of broadside bombardment from range. The Destroyer struggles at close range as it cannot bring its turrets to bear fast enough to be effective in close combat.


Today’s update continues the steady rollout of features and content Edge Case has undertaken in conjunction with feedback from the game’s community. Edge Case’s firm commitment to an open development process keeps players in close contact with the development team through weekly playtest sessions and shared development plans.


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