FreeStyle 2: Largest Update of the Year Arrives

JOYCITY is releasing a major, highly anticipated update for its long running popular FreeStyle 2 Street Basketball game.

Freestyle 2 November Update

The remarkably well received Draft System returns for a second season. Building on the feedback received during the first season, the Draft System now features 2, electrifying new characters Charlotte, and Elias. Players looking to start a new character can now start in a higher tier starting from Rare to Legend.

FreeStyle 2 is celebrating the harvest season with its own, B-Ball themed Thanksgiving event. Players will be able to enjoy participating in the Roulette, Login, Coin Exchange, and Start-Up Dash events. This is JOYCITY’s way of saying thanks to the players for ushering in another amazing year on the court!

The update also brings about some much-needed quality-of-life updates. The mission system (aka DT system) is now streamlined via one, unified UI presentation. Missions will now be defined and categorized by their respective durations so players can easily check if the mission displayed is daily, weekly, or monthly. They can then keep track of what missions suit their schedules best. Players looking to easily manage their Cards, Characters, Clothing Items and Motions can find all related events in one location through the new store update.

A feature that will be receiving some more time in the sun is the recently released Position Master system. Released a little over a week ago, the new system allows players to swap character positions easily and earn items and missions specific to the character; ultimately earning that character a position on the roster. Be sure to check this system out along with all the new content being released with this massive new update.

For more information, make sure to check the official website for ‘FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball’ updates and events!

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