Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Trailer/Game Details

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Futurama. It’s probably my favorite cartoon ever. It’s such a clever, snarky, hilarious and also depressing program I think I’ve ever had the privilege of watching. When I was first told there would be a mobile game, I admittedly felt a bit of fear, that it would be some heartless company, taking advantage of a property that no longer had life, and abusing it for money. However, it’s very apparent that Matt Groening and David X. Cohen had input on this. How do I know? Because they animated a little mini episode to hype up the show! It’s still done in that special Futurama style, with the voice actors returning to lend their skills to something that made me laugh far more than it should have. In New New York, players will tackle story-driven missions, acquire gear, and assemble a team of their favorite Futurama characters to do battle, counsel aliens, and destroy robots! I’m so excited for this I can hardly stand it. However, are there characters I’m hoping to get on my squad? Duh. These are all picks outside of the “Planet Express Crew” except one, honestly.

  • Robot Devil: My favorite Robot, outside of …
  • TV’s Calculon: He follows me on Twitter, you know. He’s the greatest acting unit of all time.
  • Scruffy, the Janitor: Because he’s Scruffy! He lives life the way it’s meant to be. Eating cans of breakfast and watching/reading porn.
  • Zapp Brannigan: He is the “man with no name; Zapp Brannigan”, and he did after all, write the “Big Book of War”.
  • The Borax Kid: Come on. He’s made of detergent.
  • Silicon Red: The universe’s greatest folk singer. He’s also a murderer, so he’ll get stuff done.


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